Leafy Oaks Campground
6955 N. State Route 101
Clyde, Ohio 43410




Open mid-April to mid-October




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Leafy Oaks Campground
 You are Responsible to know the Rules and Regulations of this Facility.

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General Rules:
   • Minimum 21 years of age to rent a campsite. Check In/ Check Out is 2pm. Clean campsite area before checking out.
   • Quite hours are from 11:00pm to 8:00pm. Please be considerate of your neighbors. No radios after 11pm. No Foul language.
   • Children ages 17 and under return to campsite by 11:00pm. Playground closes at 11pm. Beach and swim pond close @ dusk. Golf carts, Bicycles, and Pedestrians must have lights after dark.
   • Alcoholic beverages are not to be consumed by persons under the ages of 21. No use of alcoholic beverages allowed in store or swimming pond and beach. Any alcoholic beverage must be covered with a can holder or cup if you are off of your campsite. Can and bottle holders are available in the camp store.
   • Any use of firearms or fireworks is prohibited on the campgrounds. This includes BB guns, air riffles, slingshots, and bow & arrows.
   • No Smoking in the shelter house, camp store, restroom, and at the beach. Please throw cigarette butts in the fire ring.
   • You are responsible for your own children, pets, and your guests.
   • Children must be under their parent's supervision at all times. No children under 10 are allowed in the shower house without an adult.
   • Pump out sign up and pay for in the office by 9:30 am. Pump outs on non-scheduled days are $20.00.
   • Absolutely NO refunds. Holiday reservations require 1 night non-refundable deposit.
   • Tent site occupancy is 5 people. One tent per site. No unattended dogs allowed at tent sites
   • Trash must be bagged and placed at the road in the morning only by 10am. Garbage is not to be left out after dusk. You may bring your campground trash only up front to the dumpsters. No household items. We have garbage bags available at the camp store. DO NOT PUT GARBAGE IN THE FIRE RINGS. Please do not move the fire rings.
   • Pets are welcome; however they must be kept on a leash. No excessive barking in or out of RV.
   • Owners MUST clean up after their pets. Pet waste carries disease.
   • No pets are allowed in the restroom, shower house, shelter house, laundry room, or store.
   • No pets in the swimming are. NO DOGS IN THE SWIM POND.
Camp Fires:
   • Campfires will be permitted ONLY on in the fire rings. Please do not move the fire rings.
   • No chainsaws.
   • No cutting or damaging of any trees dead or alive will be permitted at any time, regardless of size, type, or location.
   • Do not fasten anything to trees anywhere. No permanent clotheslines.
   • Firewood is available for sale at the office. Do not put bottles, plastic, or cans in the fire rings.
Swim & Fish Ponds:
   • You must be 16 years old to swim in the swim pond without adult supervision.
   • No Lifeguard on duty. No swimming alone.
   • Swimming hours are from dawn to dusk only. Swim at your own risk. No diving.
   • No glass containers or smoking in the swimming area. Catch and release only, including frogs and turtles.
   • No swimming in the fishing pond. Absolutely no fishing with pole & hook in the swim pond.
Vehicular traffic:
   • Speed limit for all vehicles on entire campground is 5 mph.
   • Motorcycles are to be used as primary transportation only and confined to roads. Motorbikes, motor scooters, mini bikes, and ATVs are prohibited. Bicycles, roller blades, skateboards, and roller skates are confined to roads only and are not to be ridden after dark or on the shuffleboard court.
   • Golf Carts are to be registered at the office and receive license plate. Use headlights after dark; no racing or horseplay. No driving in the woods after dark, in grass around swimming area, or on the playground. All carts must me at the campsite by 11:00pm Violators will loose golf cart privileges for one year.

Rules and regulations are subject to change without notice.


Leafy Oaks campgrounds cannot be responsible for injury or damage due to wind, water, fire, or other negligence of you or others. Abusive, drunken, disorderly, or offensive behavior will result n removal from the campground. Our insurance carrier made some of these rules, some by the State of Ohio, and some adjusted based on a review of camping policies of other campgrounds. The rules are intended to insure your safety and to insure the enjoyment of your camping experience. Please obey them. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.